Latest “Guidelines” a Bad Omen

November 23, 2009

Last week the government announced new guidelines for pap smears and mammograms. In short, the recommendations are – women don’t need to have the tests as early or as often.

Last evening I heard a doctor state that the Medical board – appointed under President Bush – that reached these conclusions, recognizes that if their recommendations are followed, more women will die of cancer.


This is a prime example of how government run health care will work. Treatment and diagnostic tests will be administered based on statistics and the advice of accountants.

I don’t know the exact numbers, but – for the sake of argument – let’s say that only 10% of pap smears come back with a positive result – meaning there are cancerous cells present. That means 90% of the tests were a waste of time and money. Think of all the money that can be saved by delaying the beginning of testing and reducing the frequency… and only ten percent of the women tested will have a problem due to the money-saving measures.

The same scenario would hold for mammograms. Why waste all the time and money if most of the test results are negative?

Come on America! It’s time to save money.

We sincerely send our regrets to those who die because your cancer wasn’t discovered soon enough to save you.

Let’s hear it for Government Run Health Care!