Another Book

July 14, 2015

Beliz Pyramid

I recently uploaded a new book for both Kindle and Nook readers. It is called “If the Sky Should Fall” and is my first step into the world of science fiction. The following is the blurb I wrote to encourage people to read it:

Semir (Sam) Osmanagic is a Bosnian American archaeologist. He has spent years studying the pyramids of Latin America and believes that certain mountains in Bosnia are, in fact, also pyramids. Of course, the ‘experts’ have scoffed at the idea… just as the ‘experts’ scoffed at the idea that dinosaurs were birds rather than reptiles. One of Osmanagic’s findings showed that electromagnetic pulses were emanating from the top of the Bosnian pyramids. What if that is true? What purpose would such signals serve?
After visiting ancient ruins in Mexico, Belize, and Peru, the author of “If the Sky Should Fall” has his own thoughts and theories about ancient aliens, UFOs, and pyramids. If you’re a fan of television shows such as Ancient Aliens, History Unearthed, Hanger One, The Unexplained Files, and Ancient Discoveries, or books such as “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich von Däniken, you will find “If the Sky Should Fall” a compelling read. While it may well be a book of science fiction, the author raises a number of questions to make you stop and ask yourself, what if it were true? Life on our planet and throughout our solar system may, in fact, depend on the actions of aliens. They may be living among us and keeping us alive. Why would they be doing that? That’s a topic for another discussion.

Obviously I am a fan of all those TV shows I mentioned as well as a reader of books similar to “The Chariots of the Gods.” But watching those shows and reading those books, combined with traveling to ancient ruins and seeing the amazing constructions done by ‘primitive’ people, leads me to ask even more questions. And I can’t help wondering why mainstream scientists are so quick to laugh off the possibilities. Those are the folks who believed that uranium was a worthless metal prior to the 1940’s.

It’s difficult to watch these programs and not ask how the ancient Egyptians, Mayan, Incas, and others could build such structures. More importantly, I kept asking myself WHY? Did these folks have nothing better to do? Then I found myself wondering if there might not be pyramids right in my own backyard? The ones that have been discovered in Central America, for the  most part, had been hidden from view for centuroes by dense vegetation. How many mountains in the United States are also covered in dense vegetation?

IMG_0955This mountain in North Georgia sure looks like it could be covering up a pyramid. And there are many more like it.

Sam Osmanagic really got me thinking when he discovered electromagnetic pulses emanating from the tops of the ‘mountains’ in Bosnia. What if they really were signals to aliens? What if that mountain was serving as a light house for space craft navigation? The more I thought about such things, the more “If the Sky Should Fall” wrote itself!

I am in a comfortable point in my life where I am retired and, although living on a fixed income, my lifestyle does not require lots of money. My bride and I own a lot at a camping resort and a small trailer. We love taking our grandchildren camping for a week or so at a time. Otherwise, we are basic home bodies who take one or two trips a year.

We are extremely active in our church and community. Currently we are deeply involved in a program called Family Promise, which aims to help homeless children and their families. That is why I am dedicating 50% of any royalties to that charity.

If you are at all interested in the ancient aliens theories I think you’ll like my book. More importantly, if you’d like to support a program that helps homeless children, I ask that you buy the book for their sake.

Cover for bookLet me know what you think of it and how many questions it raises in your mind.


Problem Solving

March 24, 2009

Over the years I’ve seen and read numerous accounts of how the Egyptians may have built the pyramids and how the Druids (or some older group of Brits) may have built Stonehenge. Some of the theories make a little sense, but they all seem to leave unanswered questions.

Maybe all of these ancient wonders were built by little green men from another planet, or some lost civilization whose engineering secrets were destroyed by a race of Barbarians.

Then along comes some old guy with a simple explanation… that is actually believable.

My only question is how he gets the little rocks underneath the gigantic stones.

I think we all face problems in our lives. How we deal with them says a lot about how we were raised… as well as how much money we have in the bank.

For example, if my bride and I had a big fat cushion of cash, we would’ve paid professionals to come in and redo our kitchen. I think that would’ve been a terrible mistake. Besides having the project cost us an additional $5,000, we would not have derived the same sense of satisfaction and pride.

When we first moved into our home, our first major project was to build a deck. It was not just any deck; it was a two level deck with a combined space of about one thousand square feet.

OUR Deck

OUR Deck

Once again we saved a bundle by doing it ourselves. Yet, the pride in being able to say “we did it… and we’re still married!” is the more important factor.

I was recently elected to our church council and must now help solve another problem. The weekly contributions have fallen off and we either have to find a way to increase donations or reduce our various ministries.

To be honest, I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’ve already suggested some steps we might take to reduce our monthly expenses, but I’m more interested in finding ways to increase our income.

That thought frightens me. I’m thinking like a politician! Instead of simply finding ways to eliminate waste and cut costs, I’m looking for new tax opportunities.

Not really. What I’m doing is trying to come up with some fund raising ideas that will get many of our members involved and many of our non-members to come visit us and spend their money.

Perhaps our government should try something similar. Perhaps they could start finding ways to earn the money instead of simply raising taxes.

While we’re waiting for the flying pigs, if you have any suggestions on how a small church might raise some extra money, please let me know.