About Jim

Little Old Me

Little Old Me

Jim Leeds has been writing about this, that, and the other for as long as he can remember.

Jim is semi-retired. He has traveled extensively throughout the fifty United States, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. He has also made several trips abroad. He and his bride, Lu, love to travel and hope to spend much more time on the road in the coming years.

You can help make that dream a reality by buying one or more of his books.

Jim has made some of his books, including a murder mystery and a travel advice book, available for Kindle and Nook e-readers. He would appreciate any and all feedback.

Feel free to contact Jim directly at jimleeds@comcast.net

22 Responses to About Jim

  1. I just wrote to comment…Sounds like you have a great life..so keep living it…carol

  2. Dan says:

    Is there a contact email address?

  3. jimsjourney says:

    Feel free to contact me at jimleeds@earthlink.net

  4. Quazuku says:

    Hi Jim! I absolutely love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi Jim!

    I’ve been reading through your blog and there are so many interesting memories! Thanks for letting me know about it! I’ll be spreading the word. 🙂


  6. Pam says:

    hey love your blog

  7. Theresa Peak Southard says:

    Hi Jim, Funny I just found your page, I am doing my family history and my history comes from William, John Leeds first wife’s first born. Jeremiah is from John’s 2nd wife, I don’t have her name yet but I do have the kids names. It would be interesting to see where you fit in there if you ever get the time, obviously you have done some research in that area. My dad, was born in Jersy and his dad was one of the first sports coaches in Camden NJ. Lot of relatives out there. Drop a line sometime, be glad to hear from you.


  8. Bob Birch says:

    I grew up in Crafton Heights, was also a member of the U.P. Church on the corner of Stratmore and Clairhaven. I went to the Schaeffer Elementary School and then on to Langley. I would have graduated from LHS in 1953, but my Mom moved us to Ohio. Thanks for posting the picture of the “downtown” Heights.

    • jimsjourney says:

      Thanks for the comments Bob. My guess is you found some old memories far beyond what I had to say.
      Out of curiosity, how did you find my blog?

  9. Bob Birch says:

    I did an Internet search for Crafton Heights, looking for reminders of my first fifteen years of life.

  10. Jim Coudriet says:

    I awoke today with a ditty about “the old dog bays at the moon” running through my head. I googled those words and found the answer here. Its amazing what you can do with information today.

    Unfortunately, I will now have to spend several days poring over your blog archives to see what else i can find that interests me from my early years in Wilkinsburg (40’s & 50’s) and Monroeville (till the 80’s.)
    Thanks for your blog.

    • jimsjourney says:

      Always glad to hear from another Jim… especially one from the Pittsburgh area. I hope you find lots of memories in my blog. I know you just kicked off some for me. When I first began working for IBM, my first two accounts were Allegheny Wholesale Drug in Monroeville and Asbury Universal in Murraysville. At one time I even dated a girl from Plum Boro (but don’t tell my wife). Do you remember a KDKA disc jockey named Something Cash? His real name was Cash Asbury and he was the son of one of the owners of Asbury Universal.

  11. Tom Fuller says:

    Jim, glad to find your site…..If it were’nt for you I’d have never found Bill Poliziani’s pen site. I kept typing in “writing sticks” instead of “stix”. Bill was my shipmate when he had to serve a coupla years in the navy. And yes I did lead him astray, he’s quite a guy, and I love him dearly! Hmmmm, that did’nt come out right! lol. We had a good time when we ran around together. Well if you get hold of him before I do tell him “hello from his buddy and shipmate Tom”. Adios for now, Tom Fuller, Castle Rock, Wa.

    • jimsjourney says:

      I was able to track down an email address for Bill. I’ll send it to your private email so it isn’t seen by everyone who stops by this blog.

  12. Bill Wallisch says:

    Harry Book gave me good advice too. I enjoyed reading your words to your grandchildren, Jim. Keep charging, Dr. Bill Wallisch, Langley High, class of ’58.

    • jimsjourney says:

      Dr. Bill, thanks for the feedback. I’ll bet 50 some years ago I might have known you to see. I would’ve been in the 8th grade when you graduated.

  13. Bill Schwartzmiller says:

    I ‘m from Elliott and as a child my dad would take me to Herschel field to watch Southwest Dukes.Also 1972 Langley grad.I have and still talk to a lot of members from the Dukes.

  14. Joanne Wohlmuth saylor says:

    My grandfather retired from Oswald and Hess in the early 1960’s . My dad worked there till the day it closed. We heard it on KDKA while my dad was on his way home from work. Do you remember going to the bar Freddie’s across the street??? I found some things about my family on ancestry and thought I would look up Oswald and Hess.. Found you blog..thanks

    • jimsjourney says:

      I was still too young to frequent bars when my dad retired. However, I have made up for lost time since then. I’m glad I brought back some memories for you.

      • Joanne Wohlmuth saylor says:

        I was just a little girl and I believe when my dad was off we would visit my grandfather.. Vivid memories .. The smell etc.. I am a vegetarian.. As an old lady ..all of that kinda got to me!!!
        I went to Langley high school in 7 th grade ..for just 6 months my dad got a job at another meat packing place…1965??? They went out of business right after he went there.. Cannot ember the name..on the river somewhere…

  15. Don LeDonne says:

    I grew up on Stratmore and moved all the way to Hollywood. Hollywood Street that is. My Dad had a Barber shop on Stratmore, but I think that was after you moved away. I knew the family that moved into your House. I was born in 1960, so I am younger.

    • jimsjourney says:

      You bring back some interesting memories. I graduated high school when you were two and spent most of the next four years in Edinboro, PA. Prior to 1962, I probably knew the names of everyone who lived on Stratmore from Steuben Street to Ford Street. I also knew several families beyond and all the merchants at the bottom of the hill. With the advent of every family owning at least one TV and many homes being air conditioned, that sort of neighborhood knowledge has gone by the wayside. With everyone staying in his or her cocoon, we have no idea who our closest neighbors are. Hard to love thy neighbor when you have no idea who he or she is.

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