Extortion Made Easy

Our politicians turned professional many decades ago. They did it for one reason. It was the same reason that caused George Washington to choose to be called President (rather than King) and convinced him to retire after serving two terms in office. POWER. While George Washington wanted no parts of it, the professional politicians of today want all they can get.

I recently read that there are portions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that need to be renewed periodically.

By the way, most African Americans credit Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats for all the Civil Rights Legislation of the 60’s. They are correct in regards to Lyndon Johnson. They are incorrect in regards to the Democrats. The vast majority of the Democrats not only voted against the bills, they tried to filibuster them into submission. Two senators who were very instrumental in the fight against Civil Rights were Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd.  They were both Democrats at the time.

In later years, Thurmond saw the error in his ways, switched to the Republican party and was the first senator to hire a black lawyer for his staff. Robert Byrd claimed to have had a change of heart, but some of his later actions put that claim into question.

Had not the vast majority of Republicans voted in favor of the Civil Rights legislation (that had originally been introduced by President Eisenhower) blacks might still be riding in the back of the bus.

Now, why am I bringing the 1965 Voting Rights Act into this discussion? First, it is a totally unnecessary law. The 15th Amendment to the Constitution, passed in 1870 as part of the “Reconstruction” of our nation following the Civil War, guarantees the right to vote to ALL citizens.

The more important reason for discussing the law is that the Republicans have tried on numerous occasions to make all parts of it permanent so it won’t need to be renewed periodically.

And who stops the Republicans from doing this? If you don’t already know, you might not be able to guess. You may be shocked, but the truth is… The Congressional BLACK Caucus.

Why in the world would a group of African Americans not want the 1965 Voting Rights Act made permanent?

Because it would remove a tool used against Republicans during elections. These leaders in the Black community tell their constituents that if the Republicans gain power in Congress they might not vote in favor of renewing the provisions.

So, rather than being truthful with the people they represent they intentionally lie to them… simply so they can stay in POWER!

And who thinks the white politicians are any better?

I’m also beginning to believe they take acting classes. With all the posturing and impassioned speeches they make while arguing over legislation, bills are usually passed or rejected along party lines. However, lately it seems that most bills get passed. It also seems that the bills have an inordinate number of pages.

Could it be that many of those pages have nothing to do with the subject of the bill? There’s no doubt in my mind.

I’d be willing to bet that a large portion of the two or three thousand pages of the Health Care Bill were nothing more than earmarks… from both sides of the aisle.

In this way, the politician can go back to his or her district and say, “Well we might have lost the battle concerning flag burning or prayer in school or whatever, BUT I got funding for the new facade on the Farmers’ Market building and the new motor-cross track is as good as paid for!”

In the meantime, we have an electorate that is very angry and we are all saying, “We have to vote the scoundrels out of office and replace them with good honest people who will truly represent us.” We then re-elect “our” representative because he or she is the only good one in Washington. Suddenly we find ourselves with the exact same Congress and can’t understand how those other folks could re-elect the trash that our representative must deal with.

I believe Congress has our number.They know exactly what they need to do to stay in POWER.

But, are they really in POWER? Or are they merely puppets to the people who provide the money to get them elected. Campaign costs for every office have skyrocketed. No common person could afford to run for office without the help of someone.

So, maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve come to believe that the POWER is sitting in the laps of people who don’t care at all for the American people. All they care about is using the government to increase their personal wealth, which they can convert to even more POWER.

I have come to question everything Congress does. This questioning began many years ago. It is not a Democrat or Republican thing.

For example, a while back Congress passed a bill giving tax credits to businesses when they purchased heavy duty vehicles. Supposedly it was designed to help farmers and construction workers afford new equipment – which would also help the manufacturers of heavy vehicles.

The result – doctors and real estate people driving around in Hummers that were paid for by the tax payers. More recently there was some sort of tax credit that allowed all sorts of people to buy golf carts at taxpayer expense.

Some might shrug it off as “unintended consequences”, but it happens on too regular a basis. Do we have a bunch of dummies representing us who don’t have any foresight to see the problems with the laws they pass?

The biggest shock in the last couple of years is the fact that no one in Washington seems to like reading. They pass bills without reading them and they threaten lawsuits against state laws that they don’t have time to read.

I think George Washington and the other Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves.

I just looked back at the title of this piece. I think I got off the subject.

I wrote the title because I was thinking of the relationship between big business and government. A few weeks ago I learned that BP had donated millions of dollars to American political candidates. While the general public believes the Republicans are the ones “in bed with” the oil companies, the largest portion of BP’s  generosity went to the Democrats. It makes me wonder how much of President Obama’s posturing with the leaders of BP is nothing more than an act to make the voters feel good about something.

Yesterday I heard that BP may have had a significant hand in the release of the Pan-Am flight 103 bomber from a Scottish prison. Supposedly, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was released for humanitarian reasons. He was suffering from cancer and had mere weeks to live.

That was almost a year ago and a doctor recently reported the man could live for at least another ten years. It seems BP had worked out a deal to begin off-shore drilling off the coast of Libya – the home country of  Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. BP had paid 900 million dollars in 2007 for the rights to drill. But the deal was tied up in administrative paperwork… until the bomber was released.

So, BP not only has a say in what we Americans do, they also meddle with Great Britain.

What was I saying about the real seat of POWER?

Enough rant for today. I hope and pray that I am wrong. I would love to hear from anyone. If you agree with me, I might feel worse. If you disagree, please tell me where I am mistaken. That might make me feel better.


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