Voting Rights

April 29, 2010

I recently ran across the following quote on the Internet:

"i agree. bush is evil and anyone that worked with him and help in his
games. Will get theres in the end by gods way not by people. and some
can say we voted him in but he cheated the 1st time around. and if he
was that bad then why did half the same people that voted for him
before and critize how bad he is voted for him again.. i swear
stupidity and no common sense. some people dont like obama cause
1- he black / coming from a white person view(know a lot of white
people didnt want him in just cause of his race-stupid i know.
2- he too young../ which it shouldnt matter the race just as long
as the JOB GETS DONE. AND THE PEOPLE ARE taken care of.. yea the
founding fathers would shit them selfs if they saw a black man
being president. but it was time for a change and personally.. as
long as obama is for the people and keeps his word i would not hate
him . but alot of people needs to understand it takes time. to undo
the evil.."

I tried to reword it so that it would sound like a tirade against President Obama from someone who blindly supported President Bush, but I gave up.

The point I want to make with this is that these words came from someone who obviously feels very strongly about her beliefs and most likely made sure to get out and cast her vote.  But what sort of vote was it? Was any thought given to the qualifications of the candidates? Or did she simply follow the party line and vote the straight ticket to stop George Bush from having a third term in office? (Wasn’t that part of the campaign rhetoric? John McCain was simply the reincarnation of Bush.)

I see myself as a moderate who leans more to the right than the left. But I refuse to be considered a Republican. In my mind, the two major parties, with the help of the press, have created a terrible chasm in our country. The professional politicians have us so preoccupied with arguing over politics that we are blind to what they are doing to us.

Right now we can say Obama and the Democrats are destroying our nation by taking away our individual freedoms and putting our great grandchildren in debt. But the truth is, they are just carrying on where Bush and the Republicans left off.

Greece is in terrible disarray because their national debt is over 100% of their gross domestic product. Simply put, they owe far more than they can collect in taxes. Spain is right behind them.

And the United States is heading in that same direction.

We need to stop the bleeding (earmarks, legislation that puts us more deeply in debt, printing more money to pay the debt and causing inflation) as quickly as possible.

The Democrats would have us believe the Tea Party people are a bunch of radicals looking to destroy the nation. If the Republicans were in power, they would be sending out a similar message.

I’ve been to a Tea Party rally and I’ve read their literature. They want to stop the madness in Washington and the only way to do it is to vote out the professional politicians that think tax dollars are their money to spend however they see fit… to get themselves re-elected.

The Tea Party groups are not calling for an armed rebellion. They are encouraging people to do things the American way… at the voting booth.

So, are we going to stay home, because it’s not worth the effort – and let the elections be decided by people who demonstrate their high levels of education and intelligence by writing less than intelligent rants on the Internet – or are we going to carefully study the candidates and vote for those who promise to find ways to fix the mess that Washington has become?

If I had my way, every person in the House of Representatives would be replaced as would one-third of the Senate. Maybe then our politicians will wake up to the fact that they are supposed to be representing us – not their party, and not the groups that finance their political campaigns.

If you’re tired of being at the bottom of your representative’s priority list, fire him or her! These are the folks who refused to increase social security payments because of the recession… but gave themselves a raise. What does that tell you about how they feel about the people they represent? They hold us in disdain.

Everyone of us has the privilege of voting. Technically, it is not a right, but it should be an obligation. Start studying the candidates now so you can make an educated decision in November.

Where I’ve Been

April 19, 2010

It started like this…

Something was missing

So we hired our good friend, Donnie Culver, to help us add the missing piece.

A long time in the planning stages

My bride and I both liked the idea of adding a front porch.

Every home should have one!

We let the professionals build it and brought in electricians to provide power. While we were at it, we hired a guy to put in a better roof gutter system. We’re still not “gutter-guard” class people, but we do have a nicer looking drainage system (as compared to the do-it-yourself job I had installed some years back.)

Then we began to paint it.

Looking GOOD!

Next came the ceiling fan and light.

Every porch in the south should have one!

We still need to paint the floor and steps. Then we’ll add the screening, screen door, and rocking chairs.

At that point, we’ll sit around and decide what to add next.

Home Sweet Home

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and set a spell.