Delightful Weekend

I’m not a regular New Orleans Saints’ fan. However, whenever my Steelers fail to make it to the championship game, I like to root for the teams that have never been to the Super Bowl, or have been there but never won it.

Thus, the Saints were my team last night… and they done good!

Saturday night was a different story. I was surrounded by a team of grandchildren.

Emma, Dominic, and Anna

Emma, Dominic, and Anna spent the day with Grandma making cookies and candy for Valentines Day. Then it was Grandpa’s turn. Fortunately, the children enjoy Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber as much as I do.

After reading three or four Veggie Tales books to them, they were off to bed.

My other weekend activity took place at Dogwood Forest – an assisted living home in Gainesville. Our band, Nostalgia had a Saturday afternoon gig and the residents seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Since I and the other band members simply love what we’re doing, it’s an added bonus when the audience enjoys the music as well.

It’s Monday and I’ve already added a post to my blog. Maybe I’ll be more consistent this week.


One Response to Delightful Weekend

  1. Rich Grimshaw says:

    Nice picture, Jim. Bob the tomato? I thought Bob was from Accountemps.

    Keep ’em coming!

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