Ready to hunker down

I haven’t listened to an entire State of the Union speech since… Come to think of it, I’ve never listened to one from beginning to end.

Why? Because I view it as an annual campaign speech. If it truly was a “State” of the Union speech, it would be a multimedia extravaganza with charts and graphs. It would be a well researched and carefully planned presentation to let the public know exactly where we, as a nation, stand.

Instead, the State of the Union has come down to two things: First, a litany of excuses (the blame game) to explain why things are not better. Second, to make the same promises that were made in the past.

Politicians have no intention of keeping promises. That’s why they make them so freely. In the same speech, a politician (I’m not pointing the finger at Obama or any other individual) can blame the deficit on others, promise to cut back government spending and waste, and promise billions of dollars will be spent on new projects.

The shame of it is… the blind followers fail to see the contradictions. They stand up and cheer the politician’s every word. Oh! Wait! That was the senators and the other members of congress and the Cabinet. I guess they were simply cheering for the man’s audacity! Such gall! Let’s hear it for our fellow politician!!

To be honest, I’m glad this President was unable to move much of his agenda forward. Bush might have begun this deficit, but Obama wants to take it to new heights.

Hopefully, he and the congress will slow down and give more careful thought to the things they propose. Instead of a lawyer deciding what should be in health care reform, let’s put together a committee of doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and insurance company executives and tackle the problem areas.

I think another word for “politician” is “arrogance”. They see no need to bring in a panel of experts. They’ll put together a 2,000 page bill that is full of crap… sorry, full of earmarks that have nothing to do with the proposed legislation and try to convince people that they’ve created the greatest thing since the Federal Reserve.

I didn’t listen to President Obama’s State of the Union speech for the same reason I ignore most political speeches. When a politician’s lips are moving, it’s a sure bet that he or she is lying.

I never did like listening to lies.


One Response to Rebuttal

  1. annem040359 says:

    Great comments. :)=^..^=

    My response to President Obama’s lies is based on good advice given on Tuesday by Mark Steyn while he was subbing for Rush Limbaugh and in which I did all the way through the SOTU speech, LAUGH, because it was nothing but smoke and mirrors.

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