Combined Birthdays

Rachel and Daniel share cakes

Today is my granddaughter, Rachel’s birthday. Tomorrow is my grandson, Daniel’s birthday. Daniel will be two, and Rachel is now a teenager! The cousins were scheduled to celebrate together later today. Unfortunately, Rachel is sick today and her family will not be there. We’ll catch up with her when she’s feeling better.

In the meantime, I thought I’d discuss birthday cakes.

The ones in the picture were made by my bride. The grandchildren threw her a curve this year, Daniel is totally fascinated with Thomas and every other train imaginable. So, he wanted a cake that looked like a train.

Rachel, on the other hand, is into Superman.

In truth, the arrangement worked out well because a number of family members are gluten intolerant. Therefore, one cake is regular and the other is gluten free.

I don’t know if my children remember or not, but I used to bake unusual cakes for them. I definitely recall making a cake that looked like a guitar. I used licorice strings and lollipops.

On other occasions, I served up a soccer field and a bicycle.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of those masterpieces. But I do have pictures of some of the cakes Lu has baked for the grandchildren.

Dominic's first birthday... I think

Rachel's octopus

Dominic's dinosaur fossil

Landon's lorry

Emma's princess... I thinkI think this princess was made for Emma. Other granddaughters had similar cakes.

A Thomas for Landon

Lu can be extremely creative when it comes to decorating cakes. I guess that’s why the children all get their requests in early.

Perhaps if I behave myself, I’ll get a Pittsburgh Steelers Helmet Cake for my birthday!


2 Responses to Combined Birthdays

  1. Becky says:

    I love the dinosaur cake! Can you tell me how it was made! What cookie cutters were used to make the dinosaur? Thanks so much!

    • jimsjourney says:

      I just checked with the baker. She says the bones were simply sugar cookies cut free-hand. The “dirt” was crushed chocolate graham crackers.

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