Between us, my bride and I have thirteen grandchildren – seven girls and six boys. In the past, I’ve displayed photos of them all and written about them all. Today, I’ll focus on just one… for two reasons. First, his father sent us a great picture of him attending his first Atlanta Braves baseball game. Second, I just read a great poem in Looking Back, a magazine about the good old days.

First, the photo:

A number one baseball fan

Daniel Leeds - A number one baseball fan

Now the poem. It was written by Douglas Raymond Rose.

Grandpa’s Mirror

I saw myself today,

Running fast in the sun.

Barefoot and tanned was I,

Having all sorts of fun.

I saw myself today,

Down by the ol’ fishin’ hole,

Pole and stink-bait both in hand,

Thrilled and happy of soul.

“Where’d you see yourself?” you ask,

“That granted you so much joy?”

I’ll tell you: I watched my own grandson,

I watched myself in that dear barefoot boy!


One Response to Grandsons

  1. Jan Faires says:

    Ah, Jim, he even looks like you! Great poem.

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