The Wealth of Country Music

Yesterday I wrote about how fast I would run through money… if I had a bunch of it. Then my friend, Nick Sarge, sent me the link to the following video of Aaron Wilburn.

Naturally, the song titles listed by Aaron took my mind away from money and got me thinking about other gems from Nashville.

I always did like Roy Clark.

Bobby Bare gave us this memorable thought and prayer.

This next song is one that, as far as I know, has been around forever. It gained its notoriety when Paul Newman sang it in the movie “Cool Hand Luke”. Trying to find a decent rendition of it on ‘You Tube’ was not easy, but I finally came across this one. I believe the artist is a fellow named Keni Lee Burgess.

There’s another song bouncing around my mind that centers on a football game. Some of the words were “with Jesus playing fullback and Moses playing guard.” Perhaps that will ring a bell with someone.

Finally, there were two songs from Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley. I could find neither on ‘You Tube’, but the titles will remain in my mind and heart for as long as I let them.

One was “The Wildlife Sanctuary”, which was a tavern for the ‘preservation of wild turkeys like us.’ The other was “We Don’t Rock Much Any More, but We’re Still on a Roll.”

I almost forgot about two gems from the “Cotton Patch Gospel”. This particular rendition comes from the Loaves & Laughs Dinner Theatre, which is obviously a ministry of King of Kings Lutheran Church in Woodbury, Minnesota. It was recorded in May 2009.

I know there are many more wonderful heart-wrenching song titles out there. Some might even have a tinge of humor to them.

Do us all a favor and use the comments to tell us all about your favorties.


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