In the Home Stretch – I Hope

My bride had the day off. That means we both worked. And the kitchen took one giant leap toward completion.

Excuse the mess

Excuse the mess

Let’s review: We glued the tiles to a particle board backing. Then we grouted the tiles. Because we were working with four foot sections of backing, there were gaps in some places. Thus, when we affixed the sections of tile to the wall, we needed to glue tiles into the gaps and add grouting. In addition, we had to add pieces of tiles around the electrical outlets to ensure that the covers would totally cover the holes.

A sample electrical outlet

A sample electrical outlet

In a way, this was like working a jigsaw puzzle… except we had the luxury of cutting the pieces as needed. Plus, they didn’t have to be perfect!

So, the mess on the counters included grouting materials, adhesive, bits and pieces of tiles, various tools, used paper towels and waxed paper, beverage cans, and a little of this and that.

The toughest corner

The toughest corner

There were a few sections we had to sand and shave to make fit. Luckily, this corner was not one of them. It fit perfectly! Yippee!!!

In fact, things went so smoothly, we added tiles in the corner we hadn’t planned to add tiles.

Something for the bartender to look at

Something for the bartender to look at

The section in the above photo still needs to be grouted. Then all the tile has to be ‘painted’ with a sealer, which is supposed to bring out the true beauty and texture of the tile.

Considering that Lu and I are already happy with the results, if the sealer does what it claims to do, we’ll be elated.

And we finished in time for our Fourth of July company and celebration! Three cheers for the red, white, blue, and new kitchen!


One Response to In the Home Stretch – I Hope

  1. GenericGene says:

    Jimmy, nice work on the kitchen.

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