The Colonel is Spinning

I have a lot of respect for the late great Colonel Sanders. He loved to cook and hated the idea of retiring on a meager Social Security check. So, rather than take up residence in an old folks home and hope that the government would pay his expenses, he developed his Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe and became world famous.

So, now that he has moved on to cooking for the bands of angels, what has his beloved company done?

This has to be a sin against nature

This has to be a sin against nature

They don’t even mention the secret recipe of herbs and spices. They totally ignore the legacy of the company. Perhaps that’s why they changed the logo to simply KFC. In years to come, we old folks will be gone to join the Colonel and no one will know what those letters stand for. How about the Kentucky Feather Corporation?

In the meantime, the general public appears to agree with me. It seems almost sacrilegious to think about cooking the Colonel’s chicken without grease. People have not rushed to the restaurants to try out the new concoction.

Therefore, at least one KFC decided to run a special promotion. I didn’t hear the details; they were either giving the chicken away or selling it at a discounted price. Regardless of the deal, they were caught off guard by the sudden demand, and they ran out. (That leads me to believe they were giving it away!)

In years past, when vendors ran out of the product, they simply put up a “SOLD OUT” sign and closed up. That didn’t please all those who missed out on the special deal, so lawyers suggested the phrase “While supplies last!” be added to advertisements to avoid lawsuits.

Again, I’m not real clear on the details. They may not have followed the advice of their lawyers. However, they did hand out vouchers to everyone who missed out on the special deal. Those people could return on any other day and use the voucher to get the same deal. What a DEAL!

Unfortunately, one person refused to be satisfied with the KFC solution and has filed a law suit claiming the KFC was using ‘bait and switch’ tactics to bring in customers.

Obviously, the lawyer representing this client has been having trouble finding work. As I understand it, ‘bait and switch’ – a tactic used by car dealers – involves a product that cannot be produced. Once the advertised product is gone, any other customers must buy something else.

In this case, the customer is inconvenienced by having to return at a later date. But, he or she will receive the exact same product at the exact same price.

I’d imagine at this point the Colonel is glad to be wherever he is.


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