A Tribute to Ed Schoeck

The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup last night. Normally I would take the opportunity to write about the city of my birth. However, I’d already written this tribute and the Pittsburgh thoughts can wait.


This afternoon we’ll be holding a memorial service for a good man who finally succumbed to cancer.

Ed Schoeck was a long-time member of Christ the King Lutheran Church and, with his wife, Marion, was instrumental in the construction of our church. He was also an integral part of our community.

A picture hanging in the kitchen shows a much younger Ed draining water from the noodles as he prepared a spaghetti dinner.

Ed could always be counted on for something tasty at our covered dish dinners. He was one of several men in our church who felt totally comfortable in the kitchen

Come to think of it, Ed seemed comfortable in every situation. He was loved and respected by people of all ages.

I’d say that he will be sorely missed, but that would only be partially true. Because of his illness, he hasn’t been able to leave his home for many weeks. He’s already been sorely missed.

More than likely, he’s already taken up his new position in God’s kitchen.

We are left with only our thoughts and prayers. May Marion receive all the support she so richly deserves in the years ahead as we offer our prayers and love to the Schoeck family.

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