Travel Tips – Branson

My bride and I are planning to take a trip to Branson, Missouri. We’ve never been there and we’ve heard a lot of nice things about the place.

We’ll have a week to try to take in as much as we can (as long as we stay within the budget) and, by the looks of their Chamber of Commerce web site, we could be kept busy for a month and easily deplete the royal treasury.

I discovered that there is a scenic railroad that runs through the Ozarks. That is something we’d probably enjoy doing, but is the dinner train worth the extra cost?

Dolly Parton’s theater also looks interesting and the menu sounds like multiple people could get their fill from one person’s servings. Is that reality? And, if Dolly isn’t there, is the show still worth seeing?

Like many first time visitors to anywhere, we have lots of questions, and I’m hoping my readers can help.

If you’ve been to Branson, tell us about your experience. What was really worth seeing? What do we not want to miss? What do we want to avoid?

I’m beginning to think we should start a web site dedicated to travel tips. People could sign on and share their experiences – both good and bad – so that others can take advantage of someone who has been there and done that.

If advertising was allowed, anything having to do with travel would be banned to protect the integrity of the information.

What do you think? Bring us up to date on Branson and your thoughts on the travel tips web site.

Thanks again.


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