Old Advertising Jingles

This is one of those days when the jukebox in my mind refuses to be silent.

It’s not playing all my favorite memories. Instead, it’s playing a bunch of jingles for products that may or may not still be on the market. Since we had a quiz yesterday, I decided to turn this topic into another quiz and see how many of my readers can recall some of those jingles and products.

1. What was brewed on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay?

2. With what product will a little dab do ya?

3. What product proclaimed that the wet head is dead?

4. What commercial used the phrase, “With a bee and a bi and a bo and a bop”?

5. What brand of gasoline kept your car on the go… for business or pleasure… in any kind of weather?

6. What star did the man with whom “you could trust your car to” wear?

7. What product ‘hits the spot; two full glasses, that’s a lot”?

8. Besides wanting to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, what did those singers want to buy the world?

9.What product’s commercials invited you to “Be happy, go _________, it’s light-up time’?

10. What car did Dinah Shore want you to drive when she invited you to “See the U.S.A.”?

Unlike yesterday’s quiz, I’m not going to divulge the answers right away. Watch in the mail, I’ll never fail, if you don’t see the answers by Tuesday you’ll know I’m in jail. Or, I simply forgot to include them. You might need to remind me.


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