More Recent Memories

Facebook has a program that tries to bring old friends back together. Every time I sign on, a box appears on the upper right suggesting I might want to ask so-and-so to be my friend.

In many cases, I have no idea who so-and-so is. In fact, on one occasion, I made a comment about the so-and-so who kept appearing. It turned out that he was the brother of a friend from church. Since so-and-so and I had a mutual friend, Facebook decided that they two of us should be friends as well.

In that instance, I declined. However, last evening, Molly Clements was the so-and-so in the upper right corner. Years ago, I knew a Molly McCoy, the daughter of Paul McCoy. I also knew a George Clements. Somewhere along the line I had heard that Molly married George’s son, Paul. Could this be the same person?

When I received a note from Molly, all doubts were erased. It is one and the same. Therefore, Molly and I are now friends… again.

When I first moved my family to Georgia in 1977, my first wife quickly joined St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church in Alpharetta. I was not much of a church goer in those days, but I would attend the covered dish dinners and other social affairs.

Then, along came Mary Smith (a former Broadway actress) and Carla Crowell (the Choir Director) with the idea that the youth of the church should present a play. That first year, they decided to do Godspell.

We went for the sole purpose of supporting the youth. We expected very little from a group of untrained thespians.

We were blown away! The kids put on a marvelous performance. The singing and acting was superb. Everyone raved at the performance that was far beyond ‘surprisingly good’, it was well beyond anything any of us expected.

The following year, the youth presented Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dream coat. Again we went with low expectations. This was the first time the play was presented anywhere off Broadway (Mary Smith still had connections) and we figured the kids would have a difficult time topping their performances in Godspell.

We were wrong again. The show was terrific.

In later years, the youth presented Once Upon a Mattress, the Mikado, and several other plays.

And how did all these wonderful memories come back to me? Molly McCoy Clements played the lead in Annie Get Your Gun.

You might say my inspiration for today’s post came courtesy of Facebook. I wonder who the so-and-so will be for today.

Tomorrow’s post could be about just about anything. Excuse me what I go check my Facebook page.


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