A Random May 18, 2009

I have too many things going through my mind today to concentrate on one topic. Therefore, I’ll dump the main topics that are bouncing around in the empty spaces. Then, maybe, tomorrow I’ll be better able to focus on a single subject.


Right now I’m listening to Perry Como sing “Hoop-Dee-Doo” on an on-line radio station that lets me choose my poison. The Radio.com is one of my favorites.

Perry has just moved aside for Teresa Brewer singing “Music, Music, Music”.


This past weekend was busier than most. Friday night was our Relay for Life event in Forsyth County. Christ the King Lutheran Church did its best to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

It seemed like a good idea

It seemed like a good idea

Mother Nature was very unkind to our efforts. In past years, the temperature has plummeted once the sun went down. Thus, we decided to sell hot coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to go with the sweets baked by members of our church. I don’t think the thermometer dropped below seventy-five degrees before midnight.

Even when the rains came, the temperature held steady.

This boy liked the view

This boy liked the view

The rain, however, forced us to close down our second source of income. The kids loved the slide (especially the boy in the photo who just sat there looking out over his domain until his mother climbed up and slid down with him.)


On Saturday morning, I went to help take down our tents and return everything to storage while my bride attended a meeting for the women of our church.

I came home and mowed the lawn before the serious rains hit.

On Saturday afternoon, Lu and I drove to Dahlonega where Nostalgia entertained at the Gold City Convalescent Home. The residents knew the old time Gospel songs better than we. Thus, a good time was had by all.

Lu and I then dined with other members of the band prior to strolling through the arts and crafts fair that was being held. We also wandered through a couple of antique stores (that had air-conditioning) and came away with an old-fashioned scrub board.


David Seville and the Chipmunks are now performing “The Witch Doctor”.


Later on Saturday evening, Lu and I attended the play “Nunsense” at the Holly Theater in Dahlonega. It was absolutely hilarious. We highly recommend it. It will be playing for at least one more weekend.


On Sunday our church held its first “Barefoot” Sunday as a way to collect shoes, socks, and underwear for homeless people. We’ll take an inventory this afternoon, but we had quite a pile of stuff at the end of services.

A good start

A good start

Pastor Kerry Maurer led by example.

Dan Bosse looks on approvingly

Dan Bosse looks on approvingly


Yesterday afternoon brought the rains. So we watched television. Dan Brown must love the Discovery Channel’s program director. In the afternoon we watched a program pointing out the questionable aspects of Dan’s “The DaVinci Code”. If there is anyone left who has not read that book, their interest might have been piqued by the show.

In the evening, the Discovery Channel aired a show debunking the plot of Dan’s “Angels & Demons.” My bride has read most of Dan Brown’s novels, but I try to stick to non-fiction. I do make an exception for Mr. Brown – mainly because of the controversies surrounding his work.

My guess is he intentionally creates those controversies to sell more books. Obviously it works with me. My hat is off to his ingenuity. And the truth is that his novels are extremely well written.


Somewhat related to the Dan Brown debunking is our friend, Don Fair, and his wonderful imagination. Dan Brown often includes a secret society called the “Illuminati” in his novels. This group supposedly is composed of extremely intelligent and powerful men who rule the world from behind the scenes.

Don Fair is creating a secret society of his own. He calls it the “Illiterate-ati”.

Don is also trying to create a new Political Party called the “Do Nothings”. He vows that if he is elected to the U.S. Senate, he will do nothing but serve enough time to qualify for his government pension.

I believe his basic principles are based on the Hippocratic oath – “First, do no harm.” He figures that if congress did nothing, we’d all be better off.


As I listen to the Platters sing “Twilight Time” I’ll bring this to a close.


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