Facebook – Great for Reunions

My middle son, Kenn, recently received an email from one of the web sites that tries to help old classmates find each other. For a small fee, he could enter his own information and use their database to track down his old friends.

Faced with such a wonderful opportunity, he asked himself a simple question: “Can’t I do the same thing on Facebook for free?”

Indeed he can, and many people are doing just that. In fact, within the last hour, I made contact with Claude Ricks, a fellow employee of IBM in Pittsburgh. When I was promoted to Atlanta, I recommended Claude as my replacement. He was promoted to my old position and his career took off from there.

Claude is now a Steelers fan living in the land of the Arizona Cardinals, but he seems to be enjoying life. If I know Claude, he is doing his gloating in private.

Yesterday I connected wtih Andy Ferguson. Before that, I located John Diggs. Who knows, by the end of the year, I may have tracked down everyone I’ve ever known.

And it won’t cost me a dime.


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