Dreams – What do They Mean?

In many ways, I am a dreamer. Walter Mitty has nothing on me. I’ve been everything from a Hall of Fame athlete to the king of musical and comedic entertainment. I’ve even delivered a few Inauguration speeches… in my mind.

All of those things have occurred during my wakeful hours, and the dreams that truly fascinate me are the ones I rarely remember.

Sometimes I wonder how much difference there is in my brain waves when I’m awake versus when I’m sound asleep. As a teen, I was totally convinced I was standing in front of the sink washing my face… and didn’t hesitate to tell my mother that as she stood over me shaking me awake.

I’ve read about the sleep studies showing that dreaming coincides with the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle of our sleep. If that’s the case, I think my REM starts as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I have some marvelous dreams that include many people… both living and dead. Sometimes I dream I’m spending time with people I haven’t seen in forty years. Why they show up in my dreams is a mystery that I doubt I’ll ever solve.

Every once in a while I’ll vaguely remember a dream and tell my bride about it. Neither of us is well versed in dream interpretation. Thus, we simply scratch our heads and continue to be amazed at the strange things my mind comes up with.

The one recurring dream that scares the tar out of me is one that finds me in search of a bathroom. In that nightmare, every time I think I’ve found a place to privately relieve myself, I realize there is a group of people watching me.

Eventually I awaken to realize I really need to visit the bathroom.

So, why should such a dream frighten me? Easy. I’m afraid that someday I’ll find a private potty in my dreams. Then I’ll do something I haven’t done in a very long time.

Perhaps I should buy the rubber sheets before they’re needed.


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