Doom and Gloom

I didn’t vote for Obama. Had there been a decent alternative, I wouldn’t have voted for McCain either. To my way of thinking, most of our politicians are liars and crooks… regardless of their political affiliation.

They are supposed to represent the people who elect them. However, their number one priority is to get re-elected. That means the congressperson who is serving a two year term is basically spending the bulk of that time campaigning rather than trying to do what is right for our nation.

The next priority is to represent their party. If a Democrat introduces legislation, the Republicans will fight it… without taking the time to read and understand it. The same is true in reverse; a Republican bill will be resisted by the Democrats. Case in point – the Fair Tax which would eliminate many of the fiscal problems being faced today.

The third priority of our elected officials is kowtowing to the special interest groups who make huge donations to their re-election campaigns.

Sometimes, if it doesn’t conflict with their first three priorities, they’ll step in and do something for the taxpayers who elected them.

If any of them knew how to earn an honest living, they would not be in politics. There is much more money to be made in private business.

No, wait, I’m wrong. If that were the case, a representative to congress could never afford multiple million dollar homes. Somehow, a politician can use millions of dollars of other people’s money to get a job that pays less than $200,000 per year and live like Bill Gates. Go figure!

On the surface, our newly elected President is leading our nation into deficit spending beyond anything he complained about during the campaign, and the only public outcry is from the conservative talk shows. Why are the Republicans saying so little?

Personally, I think they are being careful not to say or do anything that might stop them from being re-elected. If Obama and the Democrats are right and their spending plans (including the earmarks that Obama promised to stop) succeed, anyone who loudly objected would have problems at the voting booth.

Perhaps it’s better to let things go. If the plan works, the Republicans can claim part of the credit. If it fails, they’ll blast the Democrats and claim they tried to stop it but were steamrollered by the party in power.

In other words, they have no better solution and they’re afraid to speak up.

What we need is a “Do nothing” government. Let these things work themselves out. It might hurt in the short term, but taxpayer money won’t be sucked down the drain with the rest of the corporate losses.

By the way, how can anyone hope to run a successful business by paying millions of dollars to get employees to stay with the company – even when those employees are so inept that the company is losing millions of dollars a day?

When I was with IBM, if a salesman lost an account, he or she had to repay the commission that was paid for the original sale. If AIG had been using that method of compensation, I’d bet I wouldn’t have anything to talk about today.

To be honest, I’d rather not use this space to discuss political issues, but after watching much of my retirement savings melt away and seeing no relief in sight, I had to speak my mind.

One final note. I recently received an email suggesting a solution to our problems that would cost the tax payers a lot less money.

The person who created the plan states that there are 40 million Americans over the age of fifty. The plan calls for each of those 40 million people to be given one million dollars.

Those older Americans would then be expected to quit their jobs (eliminating the unemployment problem), buy a new car (saving the auto industry), and either pay off their mortgage or pay cash for a new home (fixing the banking problem).

On the surface, it sounds great. However, the math doesn’t work. If there truly are 40 million Americans in that age group, a million dollars each would equate to 40 trillion dollars.

Oh well, I guess my full retirement will have to wait.


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