What a Weekend!

Our driveway

Our driveway

Things had finally quieted down last evening when, around nine o’clock, our doorbell rang.

We truly live in the woods… about a tenth of a mile off the road; for someone to come to our door at any time of the day is unusual.

It was my daughter stopping by to give us a copy of the Sunday edition of the Forsyth County News. My daughter lives in Fulton County, about thirty-five miles south of us. Obviously there was something in that paper that she wanted us to see. It was photos of her newborn son, Liam.

The paper had run an article on the Northside Forsyth Hospital’s women’s care unit and had highlighted the nurses who care for the newborn infants and their moms. Liam was born a bit premature and spent about a week in the capable hands of those nurses. In fact, he was being held by one of them when he was photographed by the newspaper’s photographer.

Becky – her preferred name is Jennifer, but her middle name is Rebecca and I’ve called her Becky since she was three or four years old – had her entire family with her, but they were all waiting in the car. So, my bride and I put our shoes back on and went out to say hello to our grandchildren, Alexis, Ariana, Landon, and, of course, Liam.

We also greeted our son-in-law, Joel Ruff, who shared some more good news with us. As a detective for the Roswell Police Department, he has been nominated for a leadership award. He should know in the next few weeks if he is the winner. As far as I’m concerned, the nomination alone is a real feather in his cap.

(Now, there’s one of those old sayings that I’ll have to track down some day.)

So, if we review the score card, this past weekend we had Dominic stay with us from Friday until yesterday afternoon. We saw Daniel on Saturday at Ellie’s birthday party, and he came to help us Christen our new kitchen yesterday.

Dominic receives a belated Christmas gift from Daniel

Dominic receives a belated Christmas gift from Daniel

At Ellie’s party, we also saw Rachel, Maggie, and Ariana.

Emma was another two time visitor. She came over on Saturday to play with Dominic before we went to Ellie’s party, and she came again yesterday.

For reasons only a five year old could understand, she insisted I get a picture of her drinking her juice.

Emma drinking her juice

Emma drinking her juice

A surprise visitor was Anna. Her mother was working and her father was busy with other pursuits, so her Uncle Paul brought her to see us.

Anna playing dress up

Anna playing dress up

We were further surprised when Anna’s mom got off work early and came to join the fun. Anna’s mom is currently carrying a few extra pounds. In approximately seven weeks, she will deliver grandchild number thirteen.

So, let’s recap. This past weekend, in addition to Christening our new kitchen, we were able to see Alexis, Ariana, Landon, Liam, Rachel, Maggie, Ellie, Dominic, Emma, Anna, Daniel, and a boy to be named later.

That’s the most we could hope for! Our oldest grandson, Tyler, lives with his adoptive family in Arizona. He’s the only one we did not see in the last two days.

I believe that’s called Grandparents’ Heaven!


I have been corrected by my daughter! Joel Ruff was more than nominated for the award. He WON the award. The only question is when the Police Department will hold a ceremony to recognize him publicly.



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