Future Generations

My youngest son, Matt, recently commented on his Facebook page that his sister’s kids are too cute for words.

I’d agree with that even if they weren’t my grandchildren. But Matt needs to expand his horizons. His brothers’ children fall into that same category. And I’m not at all prejudiced.

So, that takes care of nine of our grandchildren – Tyler, Rachel, Alexis, Maggie, Ellie, Ariana, Landon, Daniel, and Liam. But, again, with not a prejudiced bone in my body, I also have to attest to the cuteness of Emma, Dominic, and Anna.

My guess is that our grandchild who is scheduled to be born in a few months will be equally cute.

Now, beyond the cuteness, I can honestly say that each and every one of them is also delightful. Their parents might not always see it that way, but for some strange reason, children don’t usually sass their grandparents.

My bride and I get along fine with all the grandchildren. I’m sure the future of our land is in good hands.


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