Business Opportunities

With the economy the way it is (I can’t really say how it is – when Bush was in office, the opposition said it was terrible; now Obama and his crew are trying to convince us otherwise), many people might be thinking about walking away from their jobs – that might be in jeopardy anyway – and striking out on their own.

My advice to those folks is to look for the things we Americans – as a whole – do wrong.

For instance, we are a nation of pack rats. Look around your neighborhood and see how many self-storage facilities are close by. We have so much stuff that we have to rent space to store it. One has to wonder how many billions of dollars Americans spend each year to store stuff they never use. Perhaps the economy isn’t all that bad.

Next, watch the commercials on TV. How many do you see to help you lose weight or to quit smoking? Those products and companies are almost as numerous as the outfits trying to make you more beautiful.

Don’t expect me to say anything negative about the companies looking to make you better looking. My bride would shoot me if I said anything bad about Mary Kay. To learn about legitimate beauty products, visit Lu’s web site.

Getting back to the errors in our ways, have you noticed there are very few companies trying to help us quit drinking. Likewise, nobody is doing anything to help us stop lusting in our hearts. In truth, considering the theme of most of the spam sent my way, companies are doing quite the opposite.

Come to think of it, so are the movies and television shows. It seems that pornography is no longer something hiding in the shadows.

So, considering the warts we, as a culture, carry, what business opportunities await the creative entrepreneur?

Perhaps someone will step out and begin a Gas Gauge Watchers Club to help people wean themselves away from gas guzzling SUVs. We almost got their attention when the price of gasoline was heading for more than four dollars per gallon, but once the price dropped, the bicycles went back into storage.

Is there someone out there ready to create a new web site –

This would be a place to go when one begins to covet one’s neighbor’s whatever. The ‘member’ could then select a sermonette appropriate to his or her feelings of lust.

Some of my readers might be old enough to remember when television stations came to the end of their broadcast days and broadcast a sermonette prior to playing the National Anthem and signing off.

If I’m not mistaken, people lusted back then as well. They just didn’t have as much assistance from Hollywood producers. They also drove gas guzzlers, and smoke, ate, and drank too much. But no one was worried about cholesterol and drunk driving citations back then. As for gasoline, it was less than fifty cents a gallon, so who cared that the big car with the fancy tail fins was only getting ten or twelve miles to a gallon.

Considering that the major industries in America are information and money, we have to be extremely creative if we are to survive. Perhaps a true pioneer will come up with an idea to produce a product – something that people throughout the world would want to buy. Now, that would be novel!

Of course, we’d still have the fun of seeing how our politicians would describe it. I have a feeling that if a Democrat invented it, the Republicans would find fault with it. It a Republican was the creator, the Democrats would become the critics.

Perhaps our ecomony is fine. Our problem is our politicians.

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