Early St. Pat’s

Today is our St. Patrick’s Irish Dinner Gala fund raiser for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. That means my bride and I will be gone most of the day and evening.

Yesterday I did the shopping. Fifty pounds of corned beef, thirty pounds of lamb, five pounds of beef, and a ton of vegetables. I also bought a case or two of Guinness Stout – for medicinal purposes only.

In truth, the corned beef will be boiled in the stout and the gravy for the lamb and beef stew – actually two different stews – will include a liberal dose of the Irish elixir of the gods.

We’ll start cooking around 11:00 AM. Once we’re satisfied with the progress, we’ll all go home long enough to shower and rest a bit. Perhaps I’ll enjoy a pint to help me relax.

Then, we’ll be back at Christ the King Lutheran church to finish the food preparation and begin serving at 6:00 PM. Our best pretty good band from Cumming, Georgia will begin performing Irish music at 6:15 and continue until 7:00. During that time, the diners will be invited to sing along… as long as their mouths are empty.

At 7:00, the auction will begin. There will be three vacations at cabins in the mountains up for sale along with a big screen TV, a couple of bicycles, an exercise machine, and some other items offered.

Following the auction, Nostalgia – the aforementioned pretty good band – will provide some more Irish music before the evening comes to a close.

Hopefully our efforts will do well in raising money for a most worthy cause.

If you’re in the area, feel free to drop in.


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