Kitchen Remodeling update March 12th

Not much to say today. I have to use my time wisely.

This is what my bride and I accomplished over the last day or so.

The long wall - almost done

The long wall - almost done

The opposite wall - almost done

The opposite wall - almost done

It’s amazing what a little molding does to the appearance of a wall cabinet. This is what the refrigerator side looked like before the crown molding was attached.

The naked cabinets

The naked cabinets

The final two cabinets were delivered around 7:00 PM yesterday. Lu and I installed them, but have not yet begun to add the trim.

In about two hours, the counter-top installers will be here. Not only will they make our plywood and cardboard counters obsolete, they’ll install our new sink. No more using the bath tub to scour the pots and pans! Hooray!

I believe we are in the home stretch… finally!


6 Responses to Kitchen Remodeling update March 12th

  1. The kitchen and crown molding look great! You definitely did a great job!


  2. jimsjourney says:

    A comment such as this, coming from a professional in the area of molding, will go directly to my head!

    Thanks a million for the feedback.

  3. It is amazing how a simple thing like crown moulding can add so much more dimension to cabinets. I also like the cathedral top doors. What type of countertops are you having installed?

    • jimsjourney says:

      I forget the exact name of the counter tops. They are made by Samsung. I figure I should be able to fold them in some way and use them as luggage.

  4. Samsung has great countertops. Staron is an excellent choice. I am sure it looks great.

  5. Jim Leeds says:

    Check out my post for today and you’ll be able to see those counter tops… and the rest of the almost finished product.

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