Break Time

You guessed it! I’m still working on the kitchen. Whilst we wait for the counter tops (and the cabinet that had to be re-ordered) there is a ton of tedium.

I’ve come to the conclusion that molding is the equivalent of the indulgences that Martin Luther found so upsetting. A little quarter-round here and base board there, and all your mistakes are forgiven. No one would ever guess that the base cabinets are sitting on a pair of shims, and only my bride and I know exactly where I poked a hole in the wall behind the base board.

The only problem with the molding is that it is very tedious to install. Thus far, I have most of the base board done and most of the kick plates. I’m holding off on the crown molding for two reasons. First, Lu isn’t here to help me get it properly aligned. Second, Lu isn’t here to help me determine the proper angles to cut for the corners.

I learned very quickly – as I cut my first few lengths of base board – that it’s all too easy to cut the angles in the opposite – and WRONG – direction. What should have been the trim next to the refrigerator winds up on top of the ‘to burn’ pile.

Well, my break is over. Time to go measure the next piece of quarter-round.

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