Mid-Winter Stir Crazy

It’s that time of year again. The days are dragging on… even with the kitchen remodeling project and the birth of another grandson. It’s the mid-winter doldrums when I start to think of the places I’d rather be.

Sea Urchin in Sculls Bay

Sea Urchin in Sculls Bay

I would love to go back to the simpler days when our family vacationed on Uncle Lewis’ cabin cruiser in New Jersey. We’d fish and crab right off the boat and caught most of our meals. Of course, some of the things we caught were not things we’d want to eat.

The Toad Fish

The Toad Fish

The fish in this picture is often called the oyster toad. I believe that’s because it can crack an oyster shell in its mouth. That mouth is what made it difficult to remove the hook. Grabbing the hook between one’s finger and thumb was a sure fired way to get a severe bite.

Unfortunately, the toad fish was not good eating. We wasted a lot of time getting them off our hooks so we could throw them back.

Grandma Leeds home

Grandma Leeds' home

I never knew my grandmother lived in this house. She died the year before I was born. She was the last of my grandparents. Thus, I never had a grandparent to spoil me. Bummer.

All of these pictures are from new Jersey – the Garden State.

Lots of folks make fun of New Jersey. I’ve been from Cape May to Peapack and from Burlington to Rumson Neck. I’ve even been to Newark. I think the joking is a pity. From what I’ve seen, New Jersey would be a nice place to live. I know for sure it’s a great place to visit.

I wonder what ever became of Uncle Lewis’ boat. It was called the Sea Urchin and was sold a few years prior to his death in 1961.


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