I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a good bit of work involved in networking. I’ve been invited to join a bunch of networking sites and each one of them expects me to enter all sorts of information about myself. I suppose the main intent is to help people find me… and help me find others. Some even promise to help me find work.

I’m not sure I want to find more work.

Currently, I’ve joined,, and Plaxo. I also signed up for, which is supposed to help me find work. Unfortunately, every time they send me a message about someone hiring, they tell me I have to become a paying member of the network in order to see the details of the job.

Years ago, my brother-in-law, A.J. Cronin, told me I should never pay anyone to find me a job. Any company I’d want to work for should be willing to pay the fees of the employment agent.

As a result, I’ve worked for numerous companies since 1958 and have yet to pay a dime to a headhunter.

There are other sites I’ve joined in an effort to track down old friends. One is the Edinboro University Alumni Social Network. This site is relatively new. Of the thousands of people who have graduated from Edinboro, fewer than five hundred have registered. I guess we’ll have to give it time. I set up two groups on their site: one is for anyone who graduated in 1966; the other is for anyone who belonged to the Kappa Delta Phi fraternity.

So far, I’m the only member of both groups.

I guess I’m just a natural joiner. In high school, I belonged to the Key Club, Stage Crew, Chess Club, band, and orchestra. In college, I limited myself to the fraternity, the choir, and intramural sports.

Since then, I’ve belonged to various choirs and musical ensembles, the Lions Club, St. Vincent dePaul, Knights of Columbus, and a couple of softball teams.

Come to think of it, none of those groups asked as many questions as these on-line networking sites. Maybe I’m spending too much time with this computer.


Hey Linda, check out these glasses!

Click for a better view

Does any of your glassware match these?

Lu has three and she’s willing to deal!

These make fine dessert serving dishes

These make fine dessert serving dishes

As long as we’re doing this, let me add another photo…

Fancy pilsners

Fancy pilsners

Lu took some other pictures, but I’m not sure they’re different… except for this one…

A rare collection

A rare collection

One final reminder… break those wine glasses. It’s time to buy new ones. Just be sure they say Libbey on the label before you place them on your table!

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