Hodgepodge Friday

The Civil War, the bugles call.

The men stand up straight and tall.

But they’re not smiling at some lady,

They’re just posing for Matthew Brady.

I wrote that verse so long ago that I don’t remember doing it. I do recall that my parents had a rather large tome entitled, “A Pictorial History of the Civil War” and it was simply page after page of photographs taken by Matthew Brady.

I bring this up because on February 27, 1860, Matthew Brady took a picture of a Presidential candidate named Abraham Lincoln.


Another item of interest for February 27th was the U.S.A. hockey team’s victory over the Soviet Union in the 1960 Olympics.

It kind of makes me wonder what will happen on February 27, 2060.


Inherited Glassware

Inherited Glassware

I’m sticking the above photo in here because my bride was afraid I’d lost it and a few others. These are some of the glasses that once belonged to Lu’s parents. She wants her sister to see the pictures so that they can decide whether or not they can trade with each other and wind up with larger matching sets.

I should also note that Lu and I recently purchased stock in the Libbey Glass company (in Toledo) and would encourage everyone to go out and buy new stemware. If nothing else, go to a fancy restaurant, order wine, and accidentally break the glasses.

Yes, I’m being greedy with that request. So I’ll make another that won’t be at all greedy…

Look on the right side of this page at the list of web sites listed under BLOGROLL. There are two marked AAA: God’s Global Barnyard and Mission Honduras. These are both very worthwhile charities. Like everyone else, the sour economy is not helping them – but you can!

I did label this as a hodgepodge, didn’t I?


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