Another Day for This and That

No man is an island

No man is an island

And our kitchen wouldn’t be complete without the island. I assure you, the cardboard top is temporary.

Connecting the components of the island was simple compared to putting up the cabinet over the refrigerator. Once that was in place, it was a breeze installing the adjoining cabinets.

In the home stretch

In the home stretch

We have two major items left on the agenda. One is to remount the microwave over the stove. Lu and I will need to figure out how to do that. The second item is installation of the counter-tops. We’ve contracted a company to do that.

Last evening, Lu put many of our groceries, pots and pans, and other stuff into the new cabinets. We can now see the tops of our dining room and kitchen tables. Progress!


This day in history had a surprising tidbit. On this day in 1957, the last episode of Dragnet was broadcast on the radio. I was twelve years old at the time, so I might have listened to it with my father. He really enjoyed listening to the radio shows of the time.

What I find surprising is that Dragnet – and other shows – were still on the radio in 1957. Basing my thoughts on nothing more than my memory, I would’ve guessed all the drama shows had already moved over to television.


One final note, I recently received a letter from the president of Edinboro University. He was congratulating me on my career accomplishments “as recently announced in the Edinboro News.”

I went on-line to try to learn what he was talking about. It turns out the editor of the magazine had taken information I’d posted on a web site aimed at the alumni… to allow us to contact one another. The blurb in the magazine really didn’t say much more than what I had stated in my profile. Unfortunately, the way it was written demonstrated a very poor understanding of English grammar.

I once read an article written by a person with a PhD. The grammar was unbelievably bad. When I learned that the author had earned the advanced degree in a field other than English, I was somewhat relieved. Yet, it seems to me that anyone smart enough to achieve that sort of degree should know enough to hire an English major to edit the work.

Better yet, anyone in college should be forced to take classes so they too can be as smart as a fifth grader. I’ve stated this before, but it bears repeating: too many people are graduating from high school and colleges without the basic skills of communications. And text messaging is compounding the problem.

That’s my opinion. It’s my blog and I’ll say what I want to say.

Of course, even if I didn’t have a blog, being a senior citizen, I’m entitled to complain about the younger generations. It goes with the territory.


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