My Legacy

Sometimes I think writing is in my genetic makeup. My father loved to write poetry. While I’ve dabbled in that area myself, I’m more inclined to write prose.

One of my main purposes in writing this blog is to create a legacy.

One of my direct ancestors was Daniel Leeds who was born in England in 1651 and came to the American colonies around 1677. His was one of the first almanacs published in America. When he broke away from the Quaker religion, he write numerous pamphlets attacking the Quaker leaders; they in turn wrote many pamphlets in retaliation.

The net result is that we know more about Daniel than many of our other ancestors. The written word tells us a great deal about a person.

I’ve written a number of posts about my childhood, my education, and some of my jobs. So, in many ways, this blog is my autobiography. More importantly, I’ve expressed my beliefs on a number of subjects including politics and religion.

While I try to keep my blog from becoming a controversial site, I try to express my views without causing my readers to become enraged with me. My purpose is to get people to return on a regular basis and to tell their friends and relatives to stop by.

Finally, I hope to encourage others to do what I’m doing. There are many ways to get started with a blog. Simply go to and they’ll walk you through it.

I’ve spent many years trying to research my family tree. I have about 4,000 names in my files and many more to add. In most cases, I can tell you when someone was born, when he or she was married – and to whom, any children that resulted from the marriage, and when the person died. Beyond that, with the exception of Daniel, it is guess work. There is no way to accurately describe the kind of person an ancestor was; I don’t know what level of formal education a person had, what type of job, and nothing about how he or she felt about the events occurring in the world around him or her.

Hopefully, a couple of hundred years from now when my descendants decide to research their ancestors, they’ll learn all about me.

They had sure better apprecaite my efforts!


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