A Day of Rest

Today’s post will be brief.

We’ve been working on two rooms in our home for over two weeks. The kitchen and breakfast (sun) room have been repainted and have new flooring. With the help of an electric miter saw, the breakfast room now has a nice base board and the doorway between the kitchen and  breakfast room has a nice frame.

Today, there is only one item left on the agenda… we need to tack down the carpet leading into the two rooms mentioned above. I had to pull up the connecting brass plates in order to lay the new tile. I’m hoping that goes well because this old body is tired.

I have been up and down a series of ladders, used brute strength to rip cabinets away from walls, and been on my hands and knees constantly with the tile and base boards. My knees haven’t been this sore since I was a child and fell and scraped them.

The new cabinets are on their way and should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. If I can just spend this afternoon napping, I’ll be ready to face the next phase of this process.

All I have to do is constantly remind myself how much money we’re saving by doing it ourselves.


One Response to A Day of Rest

  1. have not been out writing and commenting lately..but am getting back into it…I even have a real job writing online for dollars…I love your project. We live in a modular in Oregon..(we also have two other houses ..one rented)…YOu are certainly doing miracles..Modulars are highly underrated that is for sure. You have your land, a large and lovely home..I know it was and continues to be a lot of work…lots of luck to you.

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