Thoughts on Doing-it-Yourself

While my bride and I are redoing our kitchen, my sister is redoing a bathroom. We’ve been commiserating with each other and I’ve decided to be lazy today. Instead of writing a new post, I’m simply going to copy an email I sent today in response to her note complaining about the price of medicine cabinets. She bought a $100 one and decided it was worthless junk. She returned it, looked at some others, then went home and painted her old one.

Here is my response to her:

The prices on everything are ridiculous, but as long as there are people who will spend the money, there will be people willing to take it.

I think all do it yourself projects are comprised of stages.

1. What a great idea – let’s do it!
2. I had no idea it would cost this much – do we really want to do it?
3. After seeing the new stuff, it’s obvious our stuff needs to be replaced – let’s do it!
4. Maybe we should have paid someone to tear out our old stuff.
5. If they didn’t want so much money to install the new stuff, I’d be willing to let them do it.
6. I’m tired and we still have a lot of painting to do in preparation of the new stuff.
7. Do we really need new flooring?
8. It sure looks nicer than the old stuff, but it was a lot more work than I’d envisioned.
9. I’m tired.
10.If they didn’t want so much money to install the new stuff, I’d be willing to let them do it.
11. I honestly believed the new stuff would go in easier than the old stuff came out.
12. Now I understand why they use molding.
13. Where would we be without caulking compound?
14. I’m tired.
15. I think that’s it. We’ve done it!
16. Let’s invite our friends and family over to see it!
17. I’m tired… but it looks great!

There’s probably a time or two we ask ourselves “WHY? The old stuff wasn’t that bad.”

Well, I’ve got some finishing touches that need done on the floor before the cabinets get here.


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