The Floor Show – Part 2

We’ll begin with the nearly completed product.

Floor in the Sun Room

Floor in the Sun Room

Our remodeling project is centered around two rooms – the kitchen and the sun room. I decided to begin laying the new floor in the sun room because it’s a basic rectangle and would require less cutting of tiles to make everything fit and look good.

I had already reserved a tile cutter… figuring the job would go faster if we were using the proper tools. Of course, I made the reservation on-line because the rental place wasn’t open on Sunday.

Prior to making the trip to the rental place, a series of phone calls determined that they did not have a vinyl tile cutter. I called a couple of other places and struck out. Therefore, I drove to Home Depot and bought one.

I should have looked at it more closely at the store. The model I bought was useless for our purposes.

If you look closely at the photo of the new floor you’ll see that we had decided to run the tiles at an angle. The cutter I bought would handle a twelve inch square if the cut was straight across. However, it could not handle a tile larger than twelve inches; thus a tile could not be rotated and cut diagonally.

Fortunately, while at Home Depot I also purchased a heavy duty utility knife. It would have to serve our purpose.

As my bride completed her mopping of the old floor, we realized (DUH!) that we had to pull up the strip where the carpet met the vinyl. Whoever installed that strip had deviously decided it should never be removed.

While we both struggled with a wide assortment of tools, the phone rang. It was the original tool rental outfit. They had tracked down a tile cutter in Covington, Georgia – about fifty or sixty miles from our home. Not to worry! Someone was going to deliver it to their outlet in Duluth… about twenty-five miles from our home.

Lu and I both decided it would be good to have the proper tool, so off she went to pick it up. In the meantime, her trip would take her close to the Mary Kay distribution center and she could pick up her order.

Just prior to leaving, she checked her Mary Kay information; the order was still listed as ‘in process’. So, our plan called for her to call me after she picked up the tool and I would go on-line to see if the order had been updated to ‘hold for pickup’.

Naturally, when she called, the order was still not ready. Therefore, her trip to pick up the tool was a total waste. The tile cutter she was given was one used to cut ceramic tile. It was totally useless with the thinner vinyl tiles.

The utility knife got quite a workout.

In spite of spending more than an hour buying a useless tile cutter at Home Depot, another hour (or so) pulling up the carpet strip, two and half hours driving to Duluth and back to get a second useless tool, we did pretty well. We completed most of the sun room and three fourths of the kitchen.

Looking into the kitchen

Looking into the kitchen

I still have quite a few tiles to cut and lay before the cabinets are delivered. But Lu and I are both thrilled with the look of our new floor and equally pleased with the colors we used to paint the walls.

Best of all, we have yet to argue about any facet of the project. Either we’re still madly in love or we both learned a lot about the other when we built our two-level one thousand square foot deck.

My guess it’s a little of both.


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