Spring is Late

I love snow

I love snow

This photo was sent to me by my good friend, Mike Newman, who lives in a suburb of London. I believe this town, Alwalton, is about fifty miles north of London. It’s near Peterborouogh where Mike works.

That picture – combined with the sub-freezing temperatures we’ve had the last few nights – makes me wonder what has happened to Spring in Georgia. Since I became a damned Yankee (a Northerner who came to visit… and failed to go home) in 1977, the end of January has basically signaled the end of Winter.

We even had a few light snow flurries of our own the other night. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough to give us a snowy landscape like the one in the picture.

The last decent snowfall we’ve had in this part of Georgia came in 1993. I believe it came around the beginning of March. That was a total surprise and really killed my theory that the end of January is the end of Winter.

I would imagine Edinboro, Pennsylvania is still blanketed by the white stuff and will see a few more snow storms before the end of April.

I can remember playing softball in Edinboro. I was in the outfield and the snow was falling so hard that I could not see the infield. I listened for the bat to strike the ball; then I ducked and listened for the ball to hit the ground. We finally gave up and called the game off. That was a rare day in May.

So, as long as Winter insists on sticking around for a while, maybe some of those Yankees who still live in the North would be kind enough to set up some fans and blow some of that snow our way. I don’t mind the cold when I can get the snow that goes with it.


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