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Pittsburgh Art

Pittsburgh Art

Bob Prince, a long time announcer for the Pittsburgh Pirates, often ended games by saying, “We had them all the way!” This was especially absurd when the Pirates won only because of a late inning come-back

Yet those words came to my mind as I was finally able to relax and watch Ben Roethlisberger take a knee to end one of the best Super Bowl games ever.

I’m still rather numb over the outcome. The road to Super Bowl victory number six was anything but easy. The Steelers began the season facing the most difficult schedule in the NFL and somehow managed to complete the season at 12-4. Then they had to beat the Baltimore Ravens for the third time in one year to get to Tampa.

After the first quarter, the folks we were watching the game with began to think the game was going to be a runaway. I wanted that to be true, but knew better.

As the Cardinals scored to take the lead with just over two minutes remaining, Dick Kornewald made the truest statement of the evening, “They scored too fast!”

Over the course of the season – and his career – Ben Roethlisberger has proven that he’s at his best when the Steelers are losing and the game is coming to an end. Once more he rallied the troops and moved the team down the field for the winning score.

I’d been asked many times over the last few days if I thought Pittsburgh would win the game. I always answered, “I hope they do.” but I knew it wouldn’t be easy… and I knew I wouldn’t be able to relax until Ben took a knee to end the game. Ben did that with five seconds remaining.


By the way, the host of the party we attended was pulling for the Cardinals. I’m not sure if he is truly a Cardinals fan or was simply taking the opportunity to give me a hard time. Many of my friends have been known to so such a thing.

In any case, at one time he snatched my Terrible Towel from me and stomped on it. I tried to be gentle, but did tell him of the curse that goes with such actions. Recall that one of the Tennessee Titans stomped on a Terrible Towel late in the season. Although they had the best regular season record, they went down to defeat in the playoffs.

The Terrible Towel is a symbol – much like the ‘Green Weenie” was during the Pirates race to the World Series Championship in 1960. I don’t know if there’s a web site devoted to Bob Prince’s gimmick, but there is a place where you can read about Myron Cope’s Terrible Towel and how much good it has done over the years.

Check out the article in the New York Times to learn about Myron Cope and his trademark Terrible Towel.


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