Cheesy Light Fixtures

Standard Manufactured Home Fixture

Standard Manufactured Home Fixture


You must admit that is one cheesy light fixture. I’m convinced the manufactured home builders of America got such a great deal on these things that they’ll continue to put them in their homes for the next hundred years.

For the newbies to my blog, I was divorced from my first wife in 1993. I then purchased an acre of land and a single-wide trailer. The land was probably worth more than the trailer, but I loved the location.

I had been living in an apartment, which I hated, and always wanted to live in a rural area. The purchase of the trailer solved both problems. However, I soon discovered there was a litany of things I didn’t like about a trailer.

For example, my single-wide had metal siding. Not being able to afford cable television, I was limited to what my set could receive using rabbit ears. The metal siding limited my selection to zero. Thus, I had to find a simple, inexpensive solution.

I bought a length of antenna wire and some duct tape. I taped the rabbit ears to the railing of my front porch and used the wire to connect the gizmo to my TV. All of a sudden, I was picking up all the Atlanta channels as well as a channel from Rome, Georgia and one from Chattanooga. The pictures weren’t crystal clear and I had to go outside when I switched channels, but it worked reasonably well.

Aside from my television problems, the two things I hated most about my single-wide were the light fixtures and the strips between the wall panels.

Cheaper than mud

Cheaper than mud

Every room of the single-wide had those strips. When we purchased our new home, we were able to eliminate them in most rooms by paying extra for dry wall (‘sheet rock’ in the south).

We had a choice of dining room chandeliers, but otherwise we’d get the cheesy fixtures in every room. We avoided that to some extent by getting ceiling fans in most rooms.

The only cheesy fixtures left were the ones in the bathrooms, one in the kitchen, and one in the hallway.

Here’s what we put in the bathrooms – although I would’ve never given a thought to replacing any of them had we not been in Home Depot and Lowes looking at kitchen cabinets and flooring.

Nicer and brighter

Nicer and brighter

Don’t it always seem that one thing easily leads to another. That’s how I ended up having to repair the dish washer. But that’s a story for another time.


Did I mention that I’m a Steelers fan living in the Steelers Nation that covers most of the U.S. and many other countries?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go paint my face and start waving my Terrible Towel.


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