Another Busy Weekend


This weekend is shaping up to be another busy one. We’ve finally removed the last of the old cabinetry and counters/bars and have begun preparing the walls for the new paint.

I realize the builders of manufactured homes do things to speed up the process to save as much money as possible, but their methods have often led to my madness.

Let me remind everyone – including me – why we chose a manufactured home. $109,000 to remodel the home we were in; over $150,000 to build a home from scratch on our property; $65,000 for a 2,000 square foot manufactured home.

When we bought the home, we paid extra to have sheet rock (dry wall) installed in as many rooms as possible. We didn’t want the less expensive paneling that comes with cheesy looking strips covering up each seam. The manufacturer refused to give us sheet rock in the areas they labeled as ‘wet’ rooms – the kitchen and the two bathrooms.

Part of our plan has been to remove the cheesy strips and fill the gaps with dry wall mud to give us a nice smooth surface. We’ve done that, which required us to sand those areas, which we did last night, which left a blanket of white dust over everything in the house.

Today we’ll paint the walls… except where the new cabinets will go.

We’ll also pick up a helping hand later this morning when our granddaughter Emma comes to spend the night with us. She’s very artisitic and sure to point out every spot we miss.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the cheesy light fixtures they put in manufactured homes and how much it cost me to look around when we went in to buy cabinets, flooring, and counter-tops.

Of course, I won’t say much. My mind will be on a football game to be played tomorrow afternoon.



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