No end in Sight

Yesterday, January 24th, we celebrated Rachel’s birthday.

Rachel at her 12th birthday

Rachel at her 12th birthday party

Rachel is our eldest granddaughter. In reality, her birthday fell on Friday, January 23rd. But to ensure that most of her friends and relatives could attend, her party was held a day late.

One of the attendees, who might’ve been offended had he been a bit older, was Daniel.

Daniel at Rachel's birthday party

Daniel at Rachel's birthday party

Considering the fact that Daniel was born on January 24, 2008, one would think we’d be celebrating his birthday. We did that last Sunday… in anticipation of his upcoming achievement.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

Obviously, things like this will continue to happen. When two cousins have their birthdays that close together – and both sets of parents want to ensure that their child has his or her own special day – their only hope is to have their dates fall on a weekend. Otherwise, one will be early and the other late. With luck, one of them will have his or her party on the proper day.

In the meantime, neither Rachel nor Daniel seem overly concerned.

Last week, at Daniel’s party, a family friend commented that I must be growing very accustomed to attending children’s birthday parties. How right she is!

While Rachel is our eldest granddaughter, we have a grandson who is a bit older. Daniel is currently our youngest grandchild, but that will soon change. My daughter, Jennifer, is expecting a son within the next month or so; Lu’s daughter, Lori, is following close behind with the upcoming delivery of her son.

That will bring the total for my bride and I to thirteen grandchildren.

Years ago we tried to estimate how many grandchildren we’d eventually have. We tried to calculated by figuring we had seven adult children who might have an average of two children apiece. Considering how young the parents of our grandchildren are, we may have grossly underestimated.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we get lots of ice cream and cake throughout the year. I guess that’s one of the rewards for having successfully raised your children to adulthood.

Wow! I almost forgot. For her birthday, Rachel wanted my bride and I to take her to see the King Tut exhibit. She got her wish. So, I leave you all with this…

Click here to see Steve Martin perform his King Tut song.

I wasn’t able to embed it. Hope you enjoyed this classic Steve Martin bit.


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