One More for the Steelers

I wasn’t planning on writing about the Steelers again. I believe there are a number of people who read my blog who are not only not Steelers fans, but people who don’t care all that much about football.

However, this is not about the football team. It’s about Steelers fans… very young fans. I just learned about this group this morning while reading my on-line copy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Pop Rocks

The Pop Rocks

The Pop Rocks is a pre-teen band from the Davis School of Guitar Performance in Harmony, Pennsylvania. In the picture above, the members of the band are (from left): Elektra Davis, Connor McCandless, Drew Santa, Elijah Davis, Courtney Brown, and Sara Santa.

In case you’re wondering,  Harmony is in Butler County, which is just up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh.

When the Steelers were winning Super Bowls during the 1970s, someone put new words to the “Pennsylvania Polka” and called it the “Pittsburgh Steelers Polka”. That song was played so often at Steelers games that it not only annoyed the opposing teams, it drove some of the home-town faithful crazy. (Wait… some of them were already a bit wacko. Maybe the song can’t be blamed.)

In any case, the youngsters from Harmony decided to write their own song… by adding new words to the music of Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker“.

And now, for your listening pleasure… Be sure to read the lyrics across the bottom of the screen – like many pop songs, we older folks have trouble understanding the words.

I promise tomorrow to write about something other than the Steelers and football. I hope I can keep that promise.


One Response to One More for the Steelers

  1. Karen Shaw says:

    I watched the video that these young performers did and it was one of the most entertaining Steeler videos that I have seen in a while. They are a very talented group of young performers. Excellant work.

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