On the Lighter Side

I vaguely remember listening to the rather large radio that occupied our living room – and attention – prior to the advent of television. Not unlike my bride and I, my parents had their favorite shows and they’d make sure they were home with the radio warmed up when those shows hit the airwaves.

Fibber McGee and Molly, December Bride, Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, and the Bickersons were among the more lighthearted shows. The Green Hornet, The Shadow, and The Inner Sanctum were some of the more dramatic and action-packed programs.

From time to time I’d still be up when the big band musical shows came on. Those shows were typically broadcast live from a ballroom in some hotel.

That’s another thing that has changed dramatically during my lifetime. There were a number of well known bands that were contracted to play at specific hotels for years at a time. Other famous bands toured the country, but they didn’t put on concerts at theaters and arenas the way today’s artists do. They appeared at hotel ballrooms.

While today’s concerts might find some couples dancing in the aisles, most attendees are content to sit (or stand) and listen to their favorite singers and bands. But back in the day… you’d better be wearing your dancing shoes, and some fancy duds, when you went to listen to Tommy Dorsey or Paul Whiteman. The ballrooms had large dance floors and they were well used.

In hindsight, some of those musical radio shows could be fodder for satire. That’s exactly what Guy Marks thought a few decades ago when he recorded his famous “Loving You has made me Bananas.”

And now, without further ado, Jim’s Journeys is proud to present the world famous impersonator, Mr. Guy Marks…

I think listening to Guy Marks has made me bananas.


One Response to On the Lighter Side

  1. yes indeed…life has changed a lot…and continues to change…But maybe we should not go there…Looking at the way kids dress and act is certainly a change from the past. Morals..what are left of them certainly have turned the corner. Music has morphed a million times…I still am back in the eighties AirSupply and Phil Collins…People used to really dance, enjoy life..and have fun…I think people basically stay the same but slow changes turn into dramatic ones.

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