Bring Back Nostalgia

Today is January 3, 2009. I guess we got through the Y2K problem OK. We must be having a wonderful time.

My bride and I visited a friend from church last evening. She’d been in an automobile wreck and came away with multiple fractures of her legs and one arm. It will be a while before she’s able to walk again, but she’s in good spirits and is getting better each day.

Having spent the majority of December in the hospital, she had to tell us of her favorite moment – the evening the folks came around singing Christmas carols. She told us that hearing those singers really lifted her spirits and she couldn’t thank them enough for taking the time to do it.

Their act of kindness impressed her so much that she is planning to do something similar next December. She wants to grab a group of folks and return to the same hospital and sing for the current group of patients.

I suggested she go in July and sing patriotic songs.

When I explained why our group, Nostalgia, takes December off, she quickly understood what I was saying.

Here’s what I told her: The Christmas Spirit moves many people to go to hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes to sing carols for the patients. That’s why Nostalgia takes the month of December off. We’re not needed.

However, there are patients and residents in those facilities twelve months a year. We entertain at various facilities almost every Friday night (and some Saturdays) throughout the other eleven months. By limiting the facilities we go to, we can get to each one every six to eight weeks.

Our ‘fans’ tell us how much they enjoy our efforts at entertaining them and they all want us to come back every week. I can’t say that we’re that good at anything beyond breaking the monotony. But if that’s all we do, and it makes the days brighter for a group of people, then so be it!

If more people formed their own groups – you don’t have to be musical, you can go in and play bingo with the residents or do something else to lift their spirits for a few hours – then we might be able to expand our sphere of influence. There are many facilities in North Georgia that have no one dropping by to cheer people up.

So, take this as a challenge. Talk to your friends and form a group to visit hospitals or senior citizen venues. I know this country is loaded with very talented people. I encourage you to share that talent with others.

Who knows – you may be discovered and become the next American Idol!


While I’m encouraging you to do things, it’s not too late to make some charitable contributions for the 2009 tax year. Please check out Mission Honduras and God’s Global Barnyard. The links are on the right —->


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