A White Christmas is Best

I really can’t explain why I feel that way. I haven’t seen a white Christmas since I moved to Georgia in 1977. Come to think of it, I’d guess we only had white Christmases less than half the time while I was living in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

I fully recognize the fact that many people – including my bride – hate snow and would find a white Christmas to be most distasteful. As I’ve said many times before, I love snow. So I really have no pity for those who fail to see the beauty of a foot and a half of the white stuff.

Perhaps that’s why I miss Edinboro, Pennsylvania so much. Edinboro, Pennsylvania is about twenty miles southeast of Lake Erie. As a result, it gets buried in ‘lake effect’ snow every winter. It was not unusual to get a foot of snow in less than four hours… and I loved every minute of it!

In fact, it seems that every year when I went home to Pittsburgh for the Christmas holiday, I’d be disappointed. I left my wonderful white wonderland and returned to a city that had temperatures almost as cold as Edinboro, but little or no snow to show for it. The skies were mostly grey and overcast, but no snow. Bummer!

There’s something magical about snow… when you don’t have to drive in it to get somewhere important. Walking along during a snowy evening, it seems like all the world has been wrapped in a Midas muffler. The only sounds come from the crunching of snow flakes beneath your feet.

When the surrounding area is blanketed in snow, everything seems clean and pure, and it’s easy to forget the terrible things we hear on the nightly news.

I recall many times when I joined a group of people and went around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols. The songs always sounded prettier when we were surrounded by snow.

Has my mind made a connection between the perceived purity of freshly fallen snow and the birth of the Christ child? Intellectually, I’d say, “I don’t think so.” Emotionally? Maybe so.

In any case, I love snow, and I truly wish that every Christmas was white.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get started writing my Christmas cards.

By the way, any time is a good time to go to the God’s Global Barnyard website and buy some animals for people in developing countries. It will make you feel good and, if the people you decide to honor with this sort of gift are like my son Kenn, they will be delighted.


One Response to A White Christmas is Best

  1. Thank you for lifting up God’s Global Barnyard and for bringing up the special people who appreciate gifts that keep on giving. Bless your good hearts! Sue

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