Another Visit to Santa

A 1950 Visit perhaps

A 1950 Visit perhaps

I think this photo is newer than the one I shared yesterday; I seem to have grown more than my brother. Of course, I could be sitting on Santa’s lap and only appear to be closer to Lewis in height.

The thing I find most interesting in both of the pictures is that my brother and I seem to be more interested in something other than Santa. Could we have been checking out the female elves?

The fact that my brother and I are photographed together supports my contention that money was tight in our home. In neither picture do I appear frightened of the jolly old elf. Therefore, my brother didn’t come with me to add moral support. I doubt if he would’ve done that willingly anyway. No, I think it was purely a money saving ploy on mom’s part.

Back in those days, people didn’t customize their Christmas cards with family photos, so there was no good reason to buy even one photo… except mom and dad might have figured my brother and I would one day cherish the pictures and the warm memories that went with them.

Well, I think they were right.

Of course, when my brother sees that I have the pictures in my possession, he’s going to whine and cry and insist I should share with him. To that, I’ll say “Na-na-na-na-na!”

At that point he’ll simply download the picture from my blog and say “So there!”

Isn’t the Christmas season wonderful!


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