Visits with Santa

A Late 1940s visit

A Late 1940s visit

I’m guessing at the date this photo was taken. The taller of the two boys is my brother Lewis. That makes me the shorter of the two. I’m guessing I might have been four or five years old and Lewis two years older. That would make the date either December of 1948 or 49.

I’m not sure when visits to Santa began, but that’s one Christmas tradition that continues. The only difference is that today’s Santa looks more authentic. I guess back in the 1940s Santa was suffering from male patterned baldness. Nowadays there are any number of products he could be using. Whatever it is, it seems to be working well.

If I’m not mistaken, the year this picture was taken, Santa’s elves also made a recording of our conversation. We were given the 45 rpm record to take with us. (I say ‘given’, but I’m sure mom had to fork over some cash for the privilege. )

I don’t have any idea where the record wound up, but I do remember asking Santa to bring my mom a diamond ring. That may have resulted from one of those old adages – little pitchers have big ears.

On Christmas morning, my older brothers went outside and returned with a huge box… the size of a washing machine. It was nicely wrapped and was addressed to mom from dad.

When she opened that box, she discovered a smaller box. This process was repeated several times. Finally, she had a very small box in her hand; that’s when her eyes filled with tears. After almost thirty years of marriage, dad was finally able to afford to buy mom the diamond ring.

Of course, I knew the truth. Dad didn’t really buy that ring. Santa gave it to him to give to mom – because that’s what I asked him to do.

So, let this be a lesson to all those moms out there. If you really want your husband to buy you something special, tell your child to ask Santa for it. Just be sure that the conversation is recorded and you get a copy that you can play over and over again until hubby gets the message.


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