The 2008 Bake Off

Grandpa and his helpers

Grandpa and his helpers

My bride and I may be able to plead temporary insanity on this one… but we sure had fun!

We decided to invite Rachel, Maggie, Alexis, Ellie, Emma, and Ariana to help us bake Christmas cookies. The granddaughters arrived at our home around 11:00 AM yesterday and the baking began!

With a short intermission for a pizza lunch, and a longer interlude to allow us to attend a Christmas parade, we found time to bake ginger bread men, sugar cookies, some sort of molded cookies, and the beginnings of raisin filled cookies. We also prepared a batch of my very own ‘shortbread surprise’ cookies. That’s what Rachel, Maggie, and Alexis are assisting their grandpa with in the photo.

By the time we finished our dinner of chicken wings and French fries, the girls were a bit tuckered, so the older girls played some board games while the younger three practiced karate kicks and somersaults. I believe it’s called ‘boundless energy’!

Grandma finished the clean-up while grandpa finished the filling for the raisin filled cookies. Then it was hot chocolate for all and to all a good night… almost. We had one little girl who didn’t want to go to sleep.

Eventually, the sandman did his thing and all has been quiet for the last seven or eight hours. Soon grandpa will begin fixing the pancake and sausage breakfast he insanely promised to do for six of his favorite young ladies.

When we planned this event we had no idea that none of the girls had ever been to a parade. They loved it! They especially loved the fact that almost everyone marching in the parade threw candy to the crowd. I believe our girls gathered about ten pounds of assorted candy and chewing gum.

So, can we question the sanity or intelligence of a set of grandparents who gave up a perfectly good, quiet weekend to entertain – and be entertained – by six girls between the ages of five and twelve? Sure! Why not?

But, was a fun time had by all? You bet there was!

A break from baking

A break from baking

I almost forgot! Our little angels did a great job trimming the tree.

Hopefully, this will be an experience the girls will treasure for many years to come. Isn’t that what grandparents are all about?


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