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Steve and Hop-Hop

Steve and Hop-Hop

I haven’t kept my promise over the last week or so. “Something New every day” got pushed aside by a beach and the Thanksgiving holiday. I won’t promise I’ll never take another similar break. In fact, I might take more breaks – I sure had a good time!

To begin with, my bride and I were invited to spend a week at Edisto Island Beach. The invitation came from John and Debbe Mize, the parents of Aimee, who is married to Steve (shown above). Steve is my bride’s son and only dresses in a silly manner on Halloween. At least that’s what he tells us.

So, on Saturday, November 22nd, we drove to South Carolina. We had a marvelous time, but because the rest of our combined children were expecting us to host our annual Thanksgiving dinner, we headed home on Wednesday, the 26th. We spent Thanksgiving day preparing for the family dinner that was held on Friday. That dinner included the deep fried turkey, a baked ham, sweet potato casserole, and other delicious side dishes brought by our children.

On Saturday, my bride and I headed off to church to set up our Angel Tree. This tree is decorated with angels that members of the congregation are encouraged to take. Each angel lists a gift or a cash donation. The gifts will be distributed to needy children and the cash will be used to help folks pay utility bills throughout the year.

After doing the tree, it was off to my daughter’s home to celebrate grandson Landon’s second birthday. (I should mention that, in addition to baking pies for our Thanksgiving dinner, Grandma Lu found the time to bake Landon’s birthday cake.)

Landon likes trucks.

Landon likes trucks.

Finally, Sunday rolled around – the day of rest. We began the day by relaxing a bit prior to heading off to church. We sang in the choir during the service, and then attended a reception for our transition Pastor who is leaving us. Our new Senior Pastor takes over this week and will be officially installed next Sunday… which means we’ll be attending two services next week.

After that, we joined some friends for lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse. Then we went shopping for Christmas gifts. We found things for three of our eleven grandchildren and one of the Angels we took from the Angel tree.

Then we came home to graze on leftover turkey and ham as my beloved Steelers won a big game against New England.

This coming week will find us busier than ever, and somewhere in there I have to find the time to do some work (as in the kind people get paid to do!). In truth, my mind is still somewhere in South Carolina.

I can still hear the surf!

I can still hear the surf!


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