Some of What I Believe

A long time ago someone told me, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.”

As far as I can tell, this illusion that was presented on “America’s Got Talent” was not a computer generated or altered video, but it couldn’t possibly have been real. Since the power of the computerized photo shop has been introduced, I’ve come to question everything I see on television and in the movies.

And the advice given to me came long before trick photography became such a mainstay of our culture.

I believe the only way we can be certain about anything is to see it with our own eyes and ask questions of everyone invovled until we’re sure of what we saw and any motivations behind it.

There’s a joke that says you can tell when a politician is lying simply by watching his or her lips. If the lips move, the politician is lying.

Currently, there is a run-off election in Georgia for a U.S. Senate seat. Frequently, the two sides will run back-to-back campaign ads on television. The claims and counterclaims are in direct opposition. The initial thought is that one of them is lying. However, I’m more inclined to believe that they’re both lying.

If it wasn’t for the Fair Tax, I’d have a difficult time deciding which liar – oops! I meant to say candidate (OK, So now I’m lying!) – which person to vote for. But the one – who either fails to understand the Fair Tax or refuses to read and understand the legislation because it was originally sponsored by someone in the other major party – is constantly using the 23% sales tax as a weapon against his opponent. What he fails to mention is that the 23% will not only replace the similar amount of embedded taxes (and cost of compliance to the IRS rules)… the Fair Tax will eliminated Federal Income Tax, F.I.C.A. (social security taxes), medicare taxes, and all corporate income taxes. In fact, the IRS will also be eliminated and April 15th will become just another day.

A while back I wrote a letter to a congressman and asked him why he was not supporting the Fair Tax. His answer clearly demonstrated a total ignorance of the bill. I realize we’re supposed to believe congresspersons are extremely busy; that’s why we allow them to have extensive staffs paid for with tax dollars. And yet no one on this person’s staff had the time to read legislation? I mistakenly believed it was their job to do so. How else can they cast votes that are in the best interest of their constituents?

Unfortunately, I believe politicians serve their political party first. Therefore, it someone from another party presents a good idea, the other parties must fight it rather than allow the other party to get credit for doing something right.

Second, the politicians serve the lobbyists and special interest groups that pump millions of dollars into their bank accounts so they can achieve their one and only purpose in life – to get re-elected.

The only time the politicians even think about us tax paying voters is when it’s time to convince us that this time, they really will serve us.

I believe we are all fools for sending them back to Washington time and time again.

Finally, I believe the only way we the people will return to being a meaningful phrase in this country is when we the people insists on term limits and the Fair Tax. And one other thing, we need politicians to do what each of us must do… tighten out belts and reduce spending when times get tough.

And that, my friends, is some of what I believe.


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