Time to Think it OVER

Down Under No More!

Down Under No More!

Imagine, if you will, that the Cradle of Civilization had been located near Sydney, Australia rather than the Euphrates River in the Middle East. Further imagine that the aboriginal people of the Outback developed early forms of writing and began to manufacture metals centuries before the birth of Christ.

Instead of Merry Olde England, consider Merry Olde Tasmania, Then put the phrase ‘New Zealand galleons’ into your mind and sail along with them as they conquer Africa and South America.

Eventually, Australia would develop to the point of having a crime problem. No worries! They’ll just send their convicts to penal colonies in Europe and North America.

If we let our minds wander enough, we can see unlimited possibilities as to how our lives would differ. But consider what it would do to maps of the earth. Whether we use the terms ‘north’ and ‘south’ is immaterial. The key point is that the ‘founders’ of civilization would consider their part of the world to be on top. Those living in the northern hemisphere would become the ‘down-under’ people.

We’d all be viewing maps from an upside-down perspective, but what of the universe?

Every time I’ve been shown a map of the solar system, the Southern Hemispheres of all the plantets have been on the bottom. Is that an accurate depiction? Your guess is as good as mine. Is there a top and bottom to space?

Only in our perspective.

Is UP Really UP?

Is UP Really UP?

Hopefully this short post will get you to think outside the box. How many things about our lives do we accept simply because we’ve never taken the time to ask why it is so? The next time you wrestle with a major problem, turn it over and look at it in a different way. It might help you find the answer.

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