Other Old Friends

Continuing with yesterday’s thoughts. Here are some other people I’d love to hear from. These are folks with whom I went to Schaeffer Elementary school in Pittsburgh.

Walter Nickel was a boy who, for some unknown reason, never received a letter welcoming him to Langley Junior-Senior High School. He, therefore, felt no need to attend.

Jim Schaffer was a year behind us. I don’t recall ever seeing him at Langley.

Nickie Blaker was a young lady a year or two behind me. She represented my first crush, but I never had the nerve to tell her. Like the others named thus far, I never saw her at Langley.

Bobby Ward was the ‘nose bleed’ champion of the world. His nose would start bleeding if someone looked at him crooked. It was always a challenge for the teachers to stop the flow of blood. Looking back with what I know today, I wonder if he was a hemophiliac.

Bobby Simpson was the son of the folks who operated one of the small grocery stores in Crafton Heights. My guess is that the entire family moved after they closed the store.

Gary Reese and Miles Borgo were two boys who were a year or so ahead of me, but I don’t recall seeing them after they ‘graduated’.

Someday I’ll pull out my old school pictures and see if I can remember the names of other classmates who seem to have vanished. In the meantime, I’ll mention one other little girl who has always stuck in my mind. She was a year or two younger than me and had leg braces. She walked with crutches and arrived at school by walking along Oakmont Street. She may have lived on Oakmont, but I honestly don’t know.

In any case, I was often assigned to Safety Patrol duty at the corner of Stratmore and Oakmont and would stop traffic to allow her to cross. I’m guessing she was the victim of polio – perhaps one of the last prior to Jonas Salk’s vacine. If anyone remembers her, I’d appreciate knowing her fate.

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